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Javac file is missing

So I spent two days trying to figure it out, and i finally found the problem. The javac.exe never actually got installed. I re-installed several times, still not finding, and yes i looked through all of it. I really just need a link for the javac.exe if possible, but i am open to ideas.


  • Vinod Kumar Kashyap
    Vinod Kumar Kashyap Member Posts: 38
    edited Jul 3, 2015 6:07AM


    I think you are installing only JRE and not JDK.

    JRE only helps in running the already compiled files and you are not able to compile new files into it.

    On the other hand JDK is full fledged which will compiles and runs java programs.

    By the way the path to javac.exe is -> Programs Files/java/<java_version>/bin if you have installed JDK



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