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Setting Forms Middleware 11g For Displaying Iconic Buttons

Dear All,

I am an Oracle fresher , using Oracle Middleware 11g, I need to display Icons on buttons.

However, I have followed the instructions to do so ;

" created a JAR File , include it to the Home directory, edited the frmweb.cfg file, and the registry.dat file as well. "

Now,when i try to run form builder after assigning the icon filename in buttons.

The icons are being displayed as crashed icons, please check the attached file below to understand more.

can anyone tell me how to fix this , and what's the cause and action for such situation ?

best regards.

Ahmad M. Husseini

Junior Oracle Developer.

bug.jpg 67.1K


  • Unknown
    edited May 24, 2015 6:15AM

    Can you tell me why you post this in the Oracle DATABASE forum, which has nothing to do with Forms Middleware?

    There is a forum for this too, you can search for it on the home page.


    Sybrand Bakker

    Senior Oracle DBA

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