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Cache Viewer split brain situation

jlanawalt Member Posts: 41
edited May 29, 2015 7:46PM in Java Web Start & JNLP

We were troubleshooting a Java Web Start issue on a customer's computer today. Windows 7 64 bit. When we would go to the Java (32 bit) control panel, it would not show our JWS app in the cache viewer but when we would double-click the .jnlp file it would launch without downloading, as though it were already cached.

When we ran javaws -uninstall our.jnlp and then double-clicked the JNLP it did download the files before running, but still they did not show up in the cache viewer launched from the control panel.

When we ran javaws -viewer with the Java Control Panel already open, it still did not show our app, but if we closed the control panel and then ran that command, our app was in the Cache Viewer.

I thought maybe there were two versions of Java installed, but the Java Environment Settings dialog viewed from the Java tab of the Java Control Panel both pointed to the same 1.8 version on the hard drive and the old version remover did not find any old versions.

Any ideas what else might be causing the Cache Viewer to show a different list of cached apps based on how we are launching it?




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