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getting PortletException while login BCC

2879358 Member Posts: 15
edited Sep 16, 2015 9:26AM in Oracle Help Technologies

Hi All,

    Im getting the following error when i first hit the REST client for a specific service and then open BCC. The rest service URL is a customized wrapper url. I've mentioned the error log here. Someone kindly give a solution. Please don't recommend restarting or clearing cache as a solution Need the issue to be fixed by some method. The error is shown in publishing server.

                  **** Error    Tue Jun 09 12:32:30 IST 2015    1433833350281    /atg/portal/portletstandard/ATGContainerService    PortletInvokerImpl.render() - Error while dispatching portlet.    javax.portlet.PortletException

The error is not showing if i first hit the BCC and then hit REST service.Requirement is hit REST service first and then BCC. Kindly help. I've attached the complete error log file for your reference.

Please find the error.log file

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