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APEX 5.0 checkbox and trigger help

vinny90 Member Posts: 23
edited Jun 15, 2015 2:06AM in APEX Discussions

Good morning to all,

i have two question:

1. I need help with my application. I have a static form in apex 5.0 with several textbox and one checkbox. I need to insert into db, the values checked into checbox, this value will be stored into the same table. To understand better what i need, i will explain my db configuration:

i have a db with 7 tables. One of this is called "Procedures". Now on APEX, i have some textfield (that will be stored into Procedures table) and a checkbox with a value that change in relation of the textfield.

Now i need a similar INSERT ALL, to insert all checked values into Procedures Table.

How i can do that?

2. I need to build a trigger and i need you to do this. In the same table called Procedures, i have a column  named Status. This value, from APEX, initially is setted to 1 by default when insert new record into Procedures table.

Now when i have to update this record, throught APEX interface, i need a trigger that insert a new row into same table with Version changed to 2 (with autoincrement is the best way i think). I see on internet that this BEFORE  or AFTER UPDATE trigger, cannot be implemented into the same table, if i have to insert new record, before update the same record, into another table, no problem, but if this action will be made into the same table, that will be a problem.

Thanks in advance.


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