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Is it possible to develop for TI CC3200?

edited Jun 22, 2015 6:01AM in Java ME Embedded

I am playing around with Java ME Embedded 8.1 development. The board I'm currently trying to use is the TI CC3200. I was reading through the specs Oracle outlined for the Embedded 8.1 and the specs TI provided for CC3200, and I couldn't find a reason that I shouldn't be able to get Embedded 8.1 to run on it.

All the documentation about Embedded 8.1 assumes the use of one of the 3 mentioned "supported" devices, but there is little to nothing available if you are trying to use a different board. Currently, I've connected the TI CC3200 up to my pc and it is showing on COM4. I then tried to connect to COM4 with the Oracle ME SDK 8.1 Device Manager, but it has been showing the "Connecting" status for the past hour, so things are clearly not going to be quite that easy (I figured it couldn't hurt to try).

But, I'm not sure where to go from here, so I figured I would ask on this forum. I assume I have to install some sort of Embedded 8.1 runtime on the device, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about that right now. Can someone provide me with a bit of guidance or even a tutorial similar to what I'm trying to do? I haven't been able to dig up much online.


  • Andrey.P-Oracle
    Andrey.P-Oracle Member Posts: 157
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    Yes, right, you should have Java ME running on the device in order to run Java apps there. And the problem is that MCU-class devices are very much different from each other so it's not possible to have single Java binary to cover them all. Even support for class of similar to each other devices would require Java runtime to sacrifice important aspects of performance and memory optimizations. On larger class of device it's typical that OS takes care about that differences and you install OS separately, while Java runtime being an ordinary app. On MCU the OS have to be statically linked with Java and hence the ability to adapt to different hardware is significantly impacted

    And about TI CC3200 in particular: from the specs I see it has no directly addressable flash memory and only 256K RAM. Unfortunately in it's current state Java ME cannot support such configuration as it requires at least 1M of static footprint (typically flash, RAM can be used for this purpose as well, but we cannot squeeze into 256k for this purpose)



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