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how easy is it to control another persons phone?

edited Oct 15, 2015 1:46AM in Mobile Security Suite

I had a virus or program jump to my phone and control it absolutely and then jump to my car.I rebooted my car but I threw the phone away. I found the software bug in this computer it was professionally written and it was composed by a fellow using NETMAN as a handle.I emailed the virus to police,later that night I had a black van show me the control they had by turning on my dome lights.I pinged the source of the virus and it went to a telephone number in Wasington D.C.I'm quite sure it used a google app my daughter put on the phone..I just help seniors like me to fix their computers because they can't afford it since obama care takes !00 to $200 out of our S.S. check a month.I never asked nor could I get rid of this (option?),till now.I wonder if it has to do with calling ambulances since this insurance doesn't cover transportation or eye glasses, dental,etc.After 7 years my doctor doesn't want my business since he said he had to subsidized  me since forced on this.