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Anyone else wondering when the GI July 2015 PSU zip file will be corrected? (p21150864*)?

Dana N
Dana N Member Posts: 185
edited Jul 22, 2015 3:51PM in General Database Discussions

After downloading the zip file for the July 2015 PSU for GI Linux x86-64 (p21150864) I noticed a few issues:

1) The top level README references a subdirectory that does not exist: 19852361 (but there is a 19852360 when unzipped).

2) The README files for 20996923 are zero bytes. There should be a populated README here for the DB / GI PSU. README for OJVM is where it should be.

I have an open SR for these issues but no estimate for when this will be fixed and re-released. The person working the SR assures me he's working with Development on this.

Just thought others should know about it. Also made a Discussion note of this in the location on MOS where you'd download the patch.

If you run GI and need to apply the July 2015 PSU p21150864, you may also want to let Oracle know you'd like a fix.



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