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ant javadoc task doesn't create index.html, no error reported

Mike Reiche-Oracle
Mike Reiche-Oracle Member Posts: 636

The output from the javadoc task used to look like this :

Building index for all the packages and classes...
  Building index for all classes...
  Generating /scratch/aime/view_storage/aime_ODI_MAIN_GENERIC_build_slaveView/odi/src/javadev/build/javadoc/ODIJA/help-doc.html...

  100 errors

  100 warnings

And now it looks like this, and index.html is not generated.

Generating /scratch/aime/view_storage/aime_ODI_MAIN_GENERIC_build_slaveView/odi/src/javadev/build/javadoc/ODIJA/serialized-form.html...

  100 errors

  100 warnings

There are many javadoc errors reported, but I diffed them from the two runs and they are identical except for the last few lines shown here.

It sounds like index.html, overview-summary.html is not generated , but there is no stack trace as mentioned in Bug ID: JDK-6442982 Javadoc crashes with ClasscastException when processing annotations, and I would expect the error messages to be different between a successful execution and failed execution.

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