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cannot redeploy app ... without specifying the path operand

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edited Jan 2, 2016 10:30AM in Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

I am getting an error trying to deploy an EAR to a Glassfish 4.1 server. I can successfully export the EAR directly to a .ear and then deploy it using the Glassfish admin console. However, if I try to Run the Java EE 7 application's web component - either via Run or via Debug mode - I get the following error: Cannot deploy DemoHighchartsEAR - deploy is failing=Cannot redeploy app, DemoHighchartsEAR without specifying the path operand.


I have no idea what this means. My EAR contains a Web component in a Dynamic Web project, along with a Java EE Web service resource and today an EJB utilizing a set of utility classes and JPA access to an Oracle 12c database using Hibernate 4.3.6. The EJB with Hibernate were added today; I had no issues deploying the EAR when it did not include the EJB project.

Software configuration:

- I am running Eclipse OEPE based on Eclipse Luna, using version of the GlassFish tools plugin. My Java EE 7 installation uses SP1 and my GlassFish installation is version 4.1 (open source edition).

Can anyone tell me what this message means and where I can make a change to work around it? I am confused in that if I export the EAR file, it will deploy to Glassfish.

UPDATE: I've re-factored the entire application so that it is a single Dynamic Web project. I can export the WAR file to GlassFish just fine, but still cannot launch the project via Eclipse's IDE. The error message is identical. In the Eclipse error log, I get the following:


What is the "path operand"? Thanks in advance....


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