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how to display mathematical symbols in j2ee web app

Murray9654 Member Posts: 486
edited Aug 1, 2015 7:41AM in Java Programming


I have mathematical symbols e.g. alfa, beta,mu . When I copy these symbols in text area they are getting copied. I am copying them from word document. When I insert them into the database using prepared statement the symbols are getting inserted as code. for example the alfa is getting stored asβ. This is fine I guess. But when I retrieve them from the database using java.sq.Statement and displaying them in the html page they are getting displayed as code instead of symbol. I mean "β" is displayed in html instead displaying alfa symbol. So how to deal with this situation? how can I store symbols and display them properly in html?

I am using mysql database, java1.7 and tomcat7.



  • TPD-Opitz
    TPD-Opitz Member Posts: 2,465 Silver Trophy
    edited Aug 1, 2015 7:41AM

    As you already recognized the problem is in the presentation layer.

    The answer depends on how you convert the text retrieved from the database to html. Could you please show that piece of code?



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