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Oracle Designer CDD Error

user5815482 Member Posts: 16
edited Aug 5, 2015 12:22PM in Designer


Trying to modify a PL/SQL procedure under Designer 10G produce the error bellow, I checked the connection's OK, any idea how to solve this issue, thanks in advance.



CDD-22202: An error occurred trying to store text.



The logic was not saved to the Repository. The database could be

down or you could have lost your network connection.



Export the logic to a file and try to save it again later.


Best Answer

  • Mark Striekwold
    Mark Striekwold Member Posts: 442 Bronze Badge
    edited Jul 30, 2015 3:40PM Answer ✓

    What version of the database are you using? Colleagues of mine had trouble saving the pl/sql logic as well and were getting strange errors like "CDD-22202 An error trying to store text". They were using a versiioned repository. After downgrading to database everything worked fine again inside the repository. So if you are using database 11gR2 or 12c change compatible to in your DB.


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