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Listener Install: Config File or Configuration Folder?

joshua.d Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

My environment:

Apex 4.2.2

Apex Listener 2.0.3

Oracle Database

Tomcat 6.0

I have a development environment and a production environment. Both environments experience approximately the same user load. Both environments have two apex listener 2.0.3 WAR files deployed. Both listeners in development appear to be working well. One of the listeners in production is working well, the second is experiencing performance problems.

Attempting to determine if the listeners in production were installed/configured differently to cause a performance difference.  I noticed the listener that is working shows the following in Tomcat log:


The listener that is having the performance issues shows the following in Tomcat log:


Is there a reason why one is showing "using configuration folder" and then displays the full list of properties and the second one is showing "using config file" and is showing a much shorter list of properties? Both listeners in development instance appear to be working well, and the tomcat log shows "using configuration folder" for both.

This was an initial guess at a difference that may explain why one listener is performing poorly.

Thank you for your assistance,


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