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SQL Scripts & PlSql Scripts Automation

user8100138 Member Posts: 33 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 16, 2015 9:23AM in Oracle Help Technologies


Do we have any tool to automate running Sql and PlSql scripts in ORACLE repository of tools. We have various tools available with ORACLE tools stack for these kind of developer utilities, but not sure whether we have any such tool to automate running of scripts in Sqlplus.

Scope is to make sure there is no manual intervention for running scripts and is there a GUI which does this job, from scripts consolidation to running of scripts in respective ORACLE SChemas. Currently we call independent files with @test.sql... one below the other inside a batch file and run the batch file from the command prompt. 

Example of Script File

Spool SqlFile.log
Prompt running A Sql
Prompt running B Sql
Prompt running C Sql

Spool off;

--How the script file is called inside a batch file

Sqlplus Userid/[email protected] @Script.sql

Would like to know whether others have experienced such situations and how did they handle this, thanks in advance.


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