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Is it normal that my download speed is so low ?

edited Aug 24, 2015 9:24AM in Downloads Issues

Hello all,

I'm trying to download Oracle DB Developer VM (~6.3 Go) but I feel like my download speed is very limited (200 Ko/s - 100 Ko/s).
I have to wait at least 16 or 17 hours for the download to be completed. I downloaded a test file from thinkbroadband :: Download Test Files and my speed went up to ~1300 Ko/sec..

I was thinking that my position may be the problem, I changed /etc/hosts and  /etc/resolv.conf but it didn't help much.

I also used 'nslookup' and to check the servers location (Europe - Switzerland).

If someone has any idea how to improve my download speed I'll be very grateful.

System : Linux Debian -- Chrome
Location : Morocco

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