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Error installing the JDK 8 u60 on Windows Vista Sp2 32 bit ( Windows x86 jdk-8u60-windows-i586.exe

Hi I downloaded the mentioned JDK for installation on my Windows Vista Sp2 32 bit Laptop.

Problem is, update 40 was installed properly. But when i am trying to update or say try installing a fresh update ,

as mentioned , nothing happens !.

Meaning when i either double click or use Administrative login or run it using the admin command promt , simiply nothing happens and i dont know where to go and troubleshoot it ?

Any help in this regards is appreciated.

Thanks you for your help in Advance.




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    edited Nov 11, 2015 5:00PM

    This happened to me because i had multiple users on my computer and I was not the Administrator.

    1. I cleared all instances of Java from my system(check even c:\User folder)(this step might not be necessary).

    2. Copied the setup to my C:\ drive.

    3. Check user permissions. Gave full control to all users and groups.

    4. Ran it as Administrator.

    This did the trick.



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