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how to disable Javadoc warning "Warning: inserting missing 'title' element"

Hi ,

I am trying to disable javadoc warning

"[WARNING] line 2 column 61 - Warning: inserting missing 'title' element "

I have around 4K test cases which uses Java doc .To generate test specification I have a target make generete_XXX.  When I am running this target I get hundred's of mentioned warnings.

Small research on tidy shows that this warning means html parser tidy has corrected the document, but I want to disable these warnings from console :

my Cmake file contains rule for this target as


  COMMAND ${MAVEN} site -DtestObject=avc

  COMMAND ${MAVEN} site -DtestObject=aa

  COMMAND ${MAVEN} site -DtestObject=aae

And my pom.xml contains javadoc-plugin version 2.9. I have tried with <quiet> tag but still these warnings are coming. Can someone suggest how to disable them

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