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Double title in select list dialog of jQuery Mobile application

Nicolette Member Posts: 526 Silver Badge
edited Sep 2, 2015 8:55AM in APEX Discussions

Apex version 4.2 and 5. User interface JQM Smartphone and theme 50 (jQuery mobile).

Symptom: Double title text in dialog of select.

Cause: The page is not removed from the dom as it is supposed to.

When debugging the code (line 10028 of

this.label = $( "label[for='"+ this.selectId +"']" );

gives a length of 2 for this.label.

Replication steps

I have created an application on to demonstrate the problem.

Choose an employee from the list.

Optional check that the title of the managers selectlist by opening the selectlist. The title now only shows Manager.

Click either "Apply changes" or "Apply changes + new".

Open de selectlist for manager the title of the dialog is now ManagerManager.

The buttons do a submit and than go to the same page.


Why is the form page not replaced in the dom when submitting to the same page?

And how to make sure that the page is actually replaced?


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