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Mobile page won't load with dynamic action condition

Jritschel-Oracle Member Posts: 152
edited Sep 18, 2015 5:29PM in APEX Discussions

I'm creating a mobile app with buttons numbered 0-9 that I want to function like a keypad. As each button is pressed, I use a dynamic action to update a page item to build up a four digit code (i.e. :P1_CODE||'1' and so on). Once a button is pressed that is the fourth digit, I want to submit the page. However, anytime I put a true/false condition on the dynamic action of any button, when I go to load the page, the load icon just spins and the page never renders. If I remove the condition, the page loads fine.

I've tested this out in the simplest of scenarios by creating a page with a single static content region and a single button. Add a dynamic action to the button and set a true/false condition. I simply used 1=1. Try loading the page. In my case it never loads.

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