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Continuous notifications and foreign keys

ivansm Member Posts: 5
edited Sep 29, 2015 4:52PM in Oracle Call Interface (OCI)

Hallo. I am using database event notification and I noticed the following: wherever a table is modified which has foreign key associations with other tables, then I receive the notification for the table itself (with proper operation code) and for notifications with opcode 0x41 (OCI_OPCODE_UNKNOWN + OCI_OPCODE_ALLROWS) for all tables that have foreign key relationship with first one, both when secondary tables refer to the columns in the first table as foreign keys and when first table uses field from other tables as foreign key. Is there any opportunity to determine whether the notification is sent just because of foreign key or due to some other reason? Is there any kind of log on database server side where I can review what kind of notifications were sent and for what reason?

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