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Como (facere) alguna Cosa

Hello,  I'm looking forward help 2 execute a simple Hello_world java code in the Oracle java mission control, I've just installed in the PC I owe.

What I've tried to do is : "Open file", but the Oracle J Mision Ctrl complains this way "No editor is assoc with "". Ok

Does this mean that I should asociate an editor? How this could be done? I'll appreciate any useful answers,

Xavi, from Granollers (españa)


  • Klara Ward, Java Mission Control Dev-Oracle
    edited Oct 5, 2015 2:28AM

    You can't execute code from within Java Mission Control.

    Java Mission Control is a Profiling tool, if you want to use it as that, you start your java application from commandline or from an IDE (Mission Control is not an IDE),

    look in the JVM Browser view in JMC for your started application, right-click that and select the tool you want to use.

    It has happened before that people have mistaken JMC for being a Java editor/IDE, since JMC is based on the Eclipse application platform, and Eclipse itself is an IDE.

    In JMC presentations online, JMC is sometimes used as Eclipse plug-ins, so the JMC features are run inside the Eclipse IDE: I guess this is what might be causing the mixup between JMC and Eclipse IDE.

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