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Is Designer 6 certified for oracle 12c?

user12179820 Member Posts: 1
edited Oct 6, 2015 2:18PM in Designer

actually the repository of Designer 6 is oracle database

Before beginning to migrate the database from to 12c, i want to be sure, if there will be problems, such:

Oracle 12c does not support the Designer 6.


Edik Enjilian


  • Erik Trip - Darwin IT
    Erik Trip - Darwin IT Member Posts: 258 Bronze Badge
    edited Oct 6, 2015 9:08AM

    No it is not certified.

    ScreenHunter_53 Oct. 06 15.07.jpg

    Regards Erik

  • Mark Striekwold
    Mark Striekwold Member Posts: 442 Bronze Badge
    edited Oct 6, 2015 2:18PM

    You have Oracle Designer 6i so I think there is a reason for this, since you probably are still using Oracle Forms as client/server. The certification matrix which Erik posted inside his reply, is for designer 10gR2 in combination with the last patch I don't think this matrix also applies for Designer 6i.

    In a previous post Michael Wickham said:

         Yes they finally certified Designer with an 11.2 DB.

         However there are some major bugs that will not be fixed.

         I recommend you upgrade to an DB as it is a stable platform for Designer and stay there.

    So moving to 12c might even introduce more bugs.



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