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Why is HTTP Header error on Post Action?

Jch10 Member Posts: 34
edited Oct 22, 2015 6:11AM in SQL & PL/SQL

Hi, I am having some troubles to send parameters to WebService and send emails.

Specifically I am trying to consume a WebService to send emails using UTL_HTTP, but I am having this error:


So I can request WebService via UTL_HTTP and function with error is:

V_Response := invoke(V_Request,'http://(*here is server*)/(*here webpage link*)/sendemail.asmx','POST','oReq');

Any help appreciated.If there is any example on how to consume a webservice to post and send emails that would be great



  • PeterValencic
    PeterValencic Member Posts: 522 Red Ribbon
    edited Oct 22, 2015 4:03AM

    Have you tryed to call a webservice with SOAP-UI tool?

    If yes... then copy all headers from SOAP request from SOAP-UI to PLSQL...

    maybe you have wrong header parameter to invoke a webservice...



    you have many examples on this forum.. try to search for SOAP

  • Rejishal-Oracle
    Rejishal-Oracle Member Posts: 6
    edited Oct 22, 2015 6:11AM

    This error is coming from the server, that the SOAP request you have send is not as expected by the server or webservice provider.

    In this case you can contact the ws provider admin to verify the request and identify the error.

    SOAP UI would be very helpful in this scenario.

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