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Metadata Restore Fails with '[667] Requested Operation Failed' (Doc ID 1504957.1)

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Hello folks -

We are using OFSAA 7.3.1 and relying to some extent on using Archive/Restore options to do our deployments. However long term long is to do all XML files moving from server to server instead of using the UI..

But we are stuck with this ugly error which used to work well until a couple of weeks back. No infrastructure changes to folder or permissions, only change was - we changed the password in out UAT instance to a locked instance. only DBA's known that secret word.

Has anybody gone through this and had success fixing it ?

And also in java console –

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportApplet] inside restart of import

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] Cancelling import...

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] inside cancel Import

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] ID in cancel import :IMPORT_RDRINFO_22_OCT_RULE_DEV_RDRINFO

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] URL :

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] Retreive Object : [SC:0][ST:0][SST:0][Oper:0][Version:0][EF:true][D:null][S:null][U:null][PT:0][P:null[S][ETL.FE_DEF.MSG_REQ_OP_FAILED]]

[Metadata Import Export] : [ImportExportUtils] cargo in cancel import :[S][ETL.FE_DEF.MSG_REQ_OP_FAILED]


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