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Cordova application and authentication

Dave Fedy
Dave Fedy Member Posts: 1
edited Jan 8, 2016 6:48PM in Mobile Security Suite

Hi guys!

We have a cordova (hybrid) application running on multiple platforms (IOS, Android, etc).

One of our clients is deploying the application to their oracle workspace (Oracle Fusion Middleware) solution and we need to properly integrate so we can use the SSO authentication back in our servers.

So far, we have been lead to believe that oracle mobile will inject authentication certificates/token onto any HTTP requests we make but logging the header/parameters being submitted by our app when containerized by oracle mobile doesn't seem to change.

Is there anything specific you have to change in our app or maybe in the containerization process to achieve this? Perhaps a setting on the oracle workspace backend?

The idea here is that our backend will have to reuse the authenticated session somehow from the session originally obtained by oracle mobile. Our backend will be integrated using the same SSO backend solution oracle workspace is using so hopefully all we have to do is forward that information to our server, but if you can share any additional info on this topic it would be great.

Any help is appreciated!