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Running legacy OCI app under Windows Server 2012 R2 results in crash

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edited Nov 19, 2015 4:03AM in Oracle Call Interface (OCI)

I have an application which uses the OCI 7 API. This application is successfully deployed on a variety of configurations like

WS2003/Oracle9 and WS2008 R2/Oracle12 (r1). I am now trying to deploy the app on WS2012 R2 but I am facing a frustrating issue

where the application crashes with an illegal access somewhere in oranls12.dll. This makes think that it has something to do with the

locale and/or system variables. I have checked that the NLS_LANG system variable is set as the same the database uses which is


I have tried using the binary which I know works on WS2008, and I have also compiled it on WS2012. It still crashes. Does

anyone know what is wrong, or have any pointers on how to debug this properly?

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