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Issue Materials Control & Oracle Database 11g

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edited Dec 2, 2015 10:12AM in ODBC

Hello, why if start the Materials Control with normally click i receive this error:

(with right-click/run-as-administrator (and prompt a valid administrator password and user) all work correctly?)


Whit this log:

Reason: FOR SQLBASE: The specified database cannot be found.  SQLBase
       cannot find the file named "x:\dbdir\dbname\dbname.DBS" where
       x:\dbdir is either the default, c:\SQLBASE, or modified with
       the DBDIR SQL.INI configuration keyword. In a multiuser
       network configuration, this error indicates that your network
       is working correctly, but the database system was unable to
       locate the specified database filename.

       FOR NON-SQLBASE DATABASES: This problem can also occur with a
       SQLGateway when leaving out the protocol type in the SERVERNAME
       parameter that the client uses to communicate with the gateway
       (like SQLNBIOS). For example,


       will nott allow a remote client process (using SQLNBIOS on the LAN
       to communicate with the SQLGateway machine) to connect to the
       SQLGateway machine.

       For SPX connectivity from DOS or MS Windows to a Unixware
       SQLBase Server check for the omission of the "serverpath=..."
       parameter in the SQL.INI file under the client section.

      Remedy: Verify the database file exists. The default drive letter and
       dbdirname is c:\SQLBASE unless overridden with a DBDIR SQL.INI
       configuration keyword parameter. Verify the DBDIR keyword is
       not missing or pointing to a wrong database directory.  Verify
       the DBNAME keyword is specified for the named database.  Verify
       the SERVER keyword is not missing or conflicting with other
       network server names.  In your CONFIG.SYS file, verify at least
       40 files set with the FILES=40 parameter.  If the server was
       being initialized while the connection was tried, retry the
       connection after the server has initialized.  If all of the
       above fails, try using a different database name or try
       connecting to the database in single user mode at the same
       machine. If you can connect with a local engine it probably
       indicates a network configuration error exists.  If you can
       connect with a new database name it probably indicates a
       previously named database was never properly initialized.

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