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Implementing : List View: External Sort and Filter Controls

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edited Dec 8, 2015 12:24AM in Oracle JET


I was trying to implement List View - External Sort and Filter Controls and i am facing issues. I am following the below link :

Which is from the OJet cookbook, could anyone please tell which version of Ojet was used to develop ?.

I tried Ojet v1.1.2 downloaded from the Quick Start link and also Ojet v0.5 but faced many issues, may its some mistake of my implementation.  Any pointers are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




  • John 'JB' Brock-Oracle
    John 'JB' Brock-Oracle Posts: 2,697 Employee
    edited Dec 7, 2015 7:51PM

    Hi Kurian,

    The link you have shown is referencing JET v1.1.2.  This the current production release.

    Can you please provide the following information:

    • What Browser and operating system are you using:
    • What debugging have you done:
    • What error messages are you seeing in the browser console:

    By the way, this is a public community, please do not reference internal Oracle resources links in this public forum.  There are internal resources available if you need to provide internal links or URLs.  You can refer to the public Cookbook pages which are found on the website as well.