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Any inbuilt support for trend lines and sliders on the graph

Subhash Chandra-Oracle
Subhash Chandra-Oracle Member Posts: 3 Employee
edited Dec 11, 2015 2:45AM in Oracle JET


I have gone through the documentation to check whether any support exists for drawing trend lines and using the slider on the axis(bar graph) but could not find any thing related to it. Can you please confirm whether there is any inbuilt support for sliders/trend lines in the  ojchart component(bar graph) of the current JET version.



Best Answer

  • Hugh Zhang-Oracle
    Hugh Zhang-Oracle Member Posts: 193 Employee
    edited Dec 10, 2015 11:03AM Accepted Answer

    Hi Subhash,

    Because of the large number of possible algorithms, we don't provide built in computation for trend lines. Our focus is instead on making sure that a user can display trend lines that they've calculated, along with the right amount of interactivity support. We have a very basic demo of this functionality in the cookbook: Oracle JET - Chart - Custom Charts: Trendline. In this demo, we recommend using reference objects, rather than additional series, because the reference objects don't allow a user to interact with individual points or use features like selection or drilling, all of which would be undesirable for a trend line.

    On the second question, could you provide more details on what slider you're referring to? We have two different ways to use our zoom and scroll functionality: