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Install of Glassfish4 on Ubuntu

edited March 2016 in Java EE SDK

Issues with installing 'Glassfish4' in Ubuntu.

[email protected]:/# cd usr/local/glassfish4/bin
[email protected]:/usr/local/glassfish4/bin# ls
asadmin  asadmin.bat  pkg  pkg.bat  updatetool  updatetool.bat

[email protected]:/usr/local/glassfish4/bin# asadmin start-domain
No command 'asadmin' found, did you mean:
Command 'amadmin' from package 'amanda-server' (universe)
Command 'acsadmin' from package 'ion' (universe)
asadmin: command not found

[email protected]:/usr/local/glassfish4/bin#

Any pointers?

Noting that this update, from the version of Java currently installed on Ubuntu, is only required in order to access additional java packages such as 'java.time'


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