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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9 selective restore

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edited Jan 27, 2016 7:48AM in MySQL Community Space

Hello Dear Community,

I'm looking to implement MySQL Enterprise Backup for a master-slave MySQL replication setup. Some of the hosted databases are undergoing weekly updates in the form of controller releases and thus the requirement to have a backup tool in place which can do selective database recovery with point in time capability a plus. I've read through pretty much all the the documentation for MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9 and couldn't find anything on restoring individual databases to an InnoDB engine. From what I understand it comes down to a full file level restore with log replay as far as how this tool works?

Is it not possible with mysqlbackup to restore an individual database from, for example a full image backup, or did I miss something?

Host: RHEL 6.4

MySQL Server: 5.5.28-enterprise-commercial-advanced-log

MySQL Enterprise Backup: 3.9 (last EL6 supported release)

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