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node-oracledb, the wallet, and externalAuth

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edited Feb 1, 2016 11:49AM in Node.js

I'm using node-oracledb.

I get an error when attempting to use a wallet to connect to a database: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

When I use connection options like this it works: { connectString: "mynetservicename", user: "myuser", password: "mypassword" }

When I use connection options like this I get the error: { connectString: "mynetservicename", externalAuth: true }

I think wallet must be set up correctly -- at least to some degree -- because I can connect though ASP.NET with a connection string like this: "Data Source=mynetservicename; User Id=/;Persist Security Info=True;".

Is there something that needs to be configured so that node-oracledb's "externalAuth" will work with the wallet? Since externalAuth isn't just for the wallet, I guess there must be some configuration -- environment variables or additional connection option properties -- to control that, but I can't find them. I would suspect that there was something wrong with my wallet but it seems to work when connecting in an ASP.NET environment.

Any help, suggested directions on what to look at next, etc., will be appreciated!

EDIT: never mind: it was a problem with the credentials in the wallet. I had thought the wallet was OK because it worked in the ASP.NET environment. But as I was going through it again, I realized the ASP.NET connection string was actually specifying a different service name.

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