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A questions about STM32 Boards

edited Feb 9, 2016 5:26PM in Java ME Embedded

Currently   there are  numerous  types of STM32 boards  based  on Cortex M0, Cortex M3, CortexM4 , etc  CPU-s.  They are produced by different companies, such as  ST microelectronics, Texas Instruments,Hummingbird,Qualcomm and many others.

And every company produces  it's  own prototype board  for every type of processor, not to mention  China's manufacturers, which also have produced huge number of evaluation boards.

Is it possible  to use Java Embedded and NetBeans  to program them?   Is any technology to add   any  platform  , for example STM32F103MINI,STM32VLDISCOVERY to NetBeans  platform manager?

Thanks  for answer.

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