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MView delta deploy problem between SDDM and db schema (Swap target model Dictionary import - DDL Pre



  • xkb
    xkb Member Posts: 72
    edited Mar 29, 2016 11:35AM


    I'm allowing myself to post here since the context is the very same :

    Selecting Options > Properties Filter > Materialized Views > Comment in RDBMS causes SDDM to regenerate the entire MView plus comment although comment is fine and sync'ed between physical Model and db object (i.e. within db Dictionary).

    I can toggle check box and Refresh Trees to alternate that behavior (without including Comment in RDBMS, MView is considered equal and not regenerated)

    1. Why SDDM won't sync comment only ? how can I do that ?
    2. Why anyway will it detect a difference once I have deployed diff ddl script with the right comment ?

    (I thought it could be due to comparison with the underlying table comment but I can't comment even manually on it in db which issues ORA-12098: cannot comment on the materialized view, Issue a COMMENT ON MATERIALIZED VIEW statement instead)


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