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JSF+ObjectDB: why might deployment of a large web app to Glassfish-4.1.1 take 5 times longer than to

Webel IT Australia
Webel IT Australia Member Posts: 8
edited Feb 28, 2016 6:22AM in JavaServer Faces

Could not allocate to or find a GlassFish forum  space, so am posting to JavaServer Faces forum space.

Mac OS X: Yosemite 10.10.5


Until recently I have been using:



Mojarra 2.2.7

I have recently investigated using:



Mojarra 2.2.12.

With a very large JSF web app (with ObjectDB as JPA persistence provider) I am experiencing massively longer deployment times to Glassfish4.1.1 (over 10 minutes) than to Glassfish4.1 (around 2 minutes). That's about 5 times slower.

I can't possibly reproduce here or provide examples of the large web app.

Q: Has anybody experienced any similar difference between Glassfish-4.1 and Glassfish-4.1.1, and where I might I look for the point of difference ?

(I am already trying to investigate it by using the NetBeans Profiler, but it is not turning out to be so easy yet to find the cause.)

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