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Error run

3188679 Member Posts: 1
edited Mar 25, 2016 8:01AM in Java ME Embedded

[email protected] ~ $ sudo sh javame8.2/bin/

Java is starting. Press Ctrl-C to exit

Frame buffer device detected: BCM2708

Frame buffer '/dev/fb0' detected: 592x448, depth=16

Failed to open /dev/input/by-id

[ERROR] [LCD] iso=-1:javacall_init_frame_buffer: failed to init keyboards

[CRITICAL] [PROXY] iso=-1:Can't create server

can not connect to device manager

[ERROR] [AMS] iso=0:The MIDlet suite could not be run.

How fix?


  • Gerald_H
    Gerald_H Member Posts: 2
    edited Mar 25, 2016 8:01AM

    I have the same problem. This is undocumented :-(

    You have to kill the runMidlet process that is running at startup. But wait! A better solution is to connect via AMS. The AMS client is already running on the board.

    Connect to the board via the proxy with

    > java -jar Proxy.jar -socket <ip of board>

    on the PC (host). Then connect with putty to the proxy using localhost and port 65002. Now you are connected to the AMS of the board. Then type

    >>> ams-list

    If you can't connect via the proxy then the board is probably connected via Device Connections Manager. Disconnect the device from the Device Connections Manager. See the task bar icon in at the right corner. Try again.

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