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TAR management for SIM Applets?

edited May 30, 2016 1:55AM in Java Card

1. How do I set the TAR to my applet? I can see a field with this description on SIM Alliance Loader, but I still not sure If this is the only procedure I must follow to assign a TAR to my applet

2. I´ve read from another post that i can specify to call my applet trough the TAR value.

How should I encode my TPDU in order to specify my applet TAR? On this post it´s described, but i would like to know which is the spec defining this in order to read it.

3. Is it true that by adding this field on the TPDU, i will asure my applet will be the only one which will be triggered?

Maybe @843851 could help, he already has solved this.

Thanks in advance



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