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Dynamic Navigation Menu works but Dynamic Navigation Bar does not

James_Avellino Member Posts: 7 Red Ribbon
edited Jun 9, 2016 3:11PM in APEX Discussions

I'm having an issue creating a dynamic Navigation Bar using the Query Source Type "Function Returning SQL Query". We are currently using a dynamic Navigation Menu with the same Query Source Type, but a different query. The SQL construction is the same approach in each, but when used in the Navigation Bar, the same children entries appear under multiple Parent "nodes".

SELECT LEVEL               "level"       ,

              menu_item_label "label"       ,

              target_url            "target"      ,

              NULL                 "is_current"  ,

              menu_item_icon  "image"       ,

              NULL                 "image_attrib",

              NULL                 "image_alt"

FROM    menu_items mi

START WITH parent_menu_item_id     IS NULL

CONNECT BY PRIOR menu_item_id   = parent_menu_item_id

ORDER BY sort_seq_no;

We are using Oracle APEX on database 11gR2

There was a post on this very same problem from November 2015 but was never answered, and has since been archived: How do I create a custom dynamic navigation bar menu in Apex 5.0.1?

Only 1 other user replied stating they were having the same issue. Does the query need to be written differently for a Navigation Bar?

Scott Wesley


  • Mahmoud_Rabie
    Mahmoud_Rabie Cloud Solution Architect, Member Posts: 3,216 Bronze Crown
    edited Mar 26, 2016 7:38AM

    Hi James

    Dynamic Navigation List

    Dynamic navigation list APEX 5

    Check Lists demo of Apex 5.0 UT. Choose horizontal menu list

    I hope that helps



  • James_Avellino
    James_Avellino Member Posts: 7 Red Ribbon
    edited Mar 30, 2016 9:57AM

    Thanks for your feedback Mahmoud. I have already changed the default Navigation Menu which is positioned along the left-hand side of APEX applications so that it appears horizontally, just below the Navigation Bar. The problem I'm facing is getting the Navigation Bar that is located above my horizontal Navigation Menu to correctly display my List Entries that are returned dynamically by "Function Returning SQL Query". I don't have any issues with my Navigation Menu being created from using a "Function Returning SQL Query". The entire menu is created based on a table that I am using to maintain the menu entries. I have taken the same approach for my Navigation Bar, however the list entries are being duplicated underneath the 'parent' list entries. To confirm that my query for the Navigation Bar was correct, I have even swapped out the query used in my Navigation Menu, replacing it with the query I'm trying to get to work on the Navigation Bar. When I do this, the Navigation Menu shows all list entries correctly. It just does not work when I try to use the same query in the Navigation Bar. When I test my Navigation Menu query in my Navigation Bar, the same issue occurs, the Parent List Entries are correct, but the child list entries are duplicated across all the Parent entries.

  • Omar M. Sawalhah
    Omar M. Sawalhah Member Posts: 41 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jun 8, 2016 8:44AM

    Hi -

    Check this please.

    It is all for Roel Hartman I am just referencing to help



  • Patrick Wolf-Oracle
    Patrick Wolf-Oracle Consulting Member of Technical Staff Posts: 2,445 Employee
    edited Jun 9, 2016 3:11PM

    Just as an information, this issue as described in Roel's blog posting has been filed as bug #23560509 and will be fixed in APEX 5.1



    Scott Wesley
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