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Proxy Authentication with Oracle Users

user8785925 Member Posts: 2
edited May 6, 2016 11:18AM in Node.js

Is it possible to use the node-oracledb in a Middle Tier for Proxy Authentication with Enterprise Users (or if not are there plans to enhance it so it can be)?  Reading the security guide here

it discusses Using Proxy Authentication with Oracle Users where the user is identified by doing a OCI_ATTR_SET with an attrtype of OCI_ATTR_DISTINGUISHED_NAME and the distinguished name of the user which I assume you can extract from the X.509 certificate.  (Alternatively the X.509 certificate itself, but it says that is to be desupported.)   Looking through the C++ code for the driver and I can't find OCI_ATTR_DISTINGUISHED_NAME ever being used so I'm guessing this isn't supported yet.  Is that correct?