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How to make a default selection in a LOV

Gado Member Posts: 621 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 31, 2016 2:29PM in JDeveloper and ADF


I'm building an ADF application.

I have a form for inserting product definitions.

In this form i'm using 3 LOVs to choose the product's categories (Product type , section and sub section).

This is all good now ... but if you are going to define 4000 products you will have to choose those 3 categories each time you are to define a product ... specially that you have lots of products under the same categories.

So to save time and make it easier for the poor data entry employee ... i need a way to make him choose a default selection in each select one choice LOV  field ... so that every time he clicks on the create insert button those choices are chosen automatically so he could continue with the other product information.

I hope i made it clear enough.

I appreciate your time.



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