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Error when start WebServerApplication on raspberry PI (java me 8.2)

user8893511 Member Posts: 4
edited Apr 2, 2016 11:04AM in Java ME Embedded

I have installed and run "WebServerApplication" on my raspberry PI.

The application is a sample application of oracle that you find on this link

as Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.2 Demo application package.

After i install and run WebServerApplication i obtained the following erro stack trace:


*   Web Server Demo started   *


File system handler root is /home/pi/javame8.2/bin

Failed to start server: serversocket::open fails with error code = 0 serversocket::open fails with error code = 0

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/serversocket/Socket..unknown.(), bci=0

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/serversocket/Socket..unknown.(), bci=83

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/serversocket/Socket..unknown.(), bci=18

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/socket/Protocol..unknown.(), bci=25

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/socket/Protocol..unknown.(), bci=133

- com/sun/midp/io/j2me/socket/Protocol..unknown.(), bci=4

- javax/microedition/io/, bci=77

- javax/microedition/io/, bci=6

- javax/microedition/io/, bci=3

Web server stopped successfully


*   Web Server Demo destroyed   *


- com/oracle/jmee/samples/webserver/WebServer.start(), bci=47

- com/oracle/jmee/samples/webserverdemo/WebServerApplication.startApp(), bci=461

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=1

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=5

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=236

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=38

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=5

- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=127

- com/sun/midp/main/AppIsolateMIDletSuiteLoader.main(), bci=26

Can anyone have ideas for this issue?


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