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How to debug java code running inside Oracle database server

user12853324 Member Posts: 8

I have a Oracle database 11.2 server machine.  I have written some java code and packaged in jar file named 'ABC.jar'.

Steps1: Start the Oracle database

2) Load the ABC.jar using loadjava. Command for that is-----> loadjava -user abc/1234 ABC.jar

3) When I run Select statement on any table. My code in ABC.jar gets invoked.

4) Everything works fine.

My requirement is to debug the code running in ABC.jar using eclipse on my local machine. At present whenever we have to investigate any issue we have to add log statements in code, rebuild the ABC.jar, load ABC.jar in Oracle database server and then run Select statement and then go through the logs, this process is quite long and painful. I would be very thankful for any help.

(I can put my eclipse on the same machine as Oracle database server machine.)

Happy to share any more details or elaborate if required.

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