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Oracle client is consuming all unmanaged memory and keeps growing

Hi All,

I am using oracle client to connect oracle server 12c from my .net application. In our application we have payload of different sizes which range from 4 MB to 16 MB size.

For small payload(message) transaction of data between .net application and oracle works fine. But when we sent big messages the unmanaged memory started growing. This does not happened for one or two payloads. But when we sent large payload(16MB) over a course of time (say 10-15 min) the memory starts growing and ultimately ends up consuming all available memory.

We used Redgate ANTS memory profiler to analyze the memory uses and found out OraOps12 takes a large chunk of memory as unmanaged. I am attaching an screenshot of our recent run here. We can see here 4.671 GB are allocated to the application where most of the memory is consumed by OraOps12. This memory consumption keeps growing till system halts and unable to process any payload.

un managed resources.JPG

Can anyone tell me what is OraOps12 and why it is consuming all unmanaged memory when we are sending big payloads ?

Also is there any way we can clear up this memory holding by OraOps12 from our code ?

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