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Attribute LOV from a separate AM on a different schema

ShayG Member Posts: 42
edited Apr 6, 2016 10:43AM in JDeveloper and ADF


I use Jdev 12.1.3.

I have a VOwhere some of the attributes supposed to get it value filled by LOV.

The LOV supposed to come from another separate shared AM which points to another USER in the database (ORACLE).

When I run the page i get table or view doesn't exists exception.

Is there any way of achieving this functionality without giving permissions / creating synonyms just by using a shared AM with a separate db connection on the weblogic?



  • Bayanna Kuruba
    Bayanna Kuruba Member Posts: 284
    edited Apr 6, 2016 9:37AM


    Can you try once like below ,

    select * from hr.emp

    in the above hr is the schema name and emp table Name. I guess it will useful for you.


    Bayanna K.

  • ShayG
    ShayG Member Posts: 42
    edited Apr 6, 2016 9:51AM


    I will clarify.

    I have two schemas lets say one is HR and the second one is  DICTIONARIES.

    There's a table in the HR schema called employees, this table has field JOB_TITLE_ID.

    There's another table in the DICTIONARIES schema which called JOB_TITLES_DICTIONARY.

    So my VO would be based on the EMPLOYEES table in the db it would be HR.EMPLOYEES.

    JobtitleId attribute in that VO needs to get it's value from JOB_TITLES_DICTIONARY table from the DICTIONARIES schema.

    I have two separate AM each of which points to one of the schemas HrApplicationModule and DictionariesApplicationModule which defined as shared module with session cache level.

    On the page there's a table with rows from the HR schema when editing the JobTitle field the supposed to be a List Of Values opened from JobTitlesDictionary  VO in the DictionariesApplicationModule.

    Each of the AM's point to a separate data source on the weblogic server.

    When I'm running the page I get table or view doesn't exists.

    I i define a synonym in the HR schema on JOB_TITLES_DICTIONARY table from DICTIONARIES  schema it will work, meaning the application doesn't accessing the table through the correct data source.

  • Ajay Taneja
    Ajay Taneja Member Posts: 1,413 Bronze Trophy
    edited Apr 6, 2016 10:09AM

    I am sorry, but it make me more sense to replicate the table in same schema.

    Any benefit you find to create a new connection to call a lov, let say you run this page so in one time you are creating two connection and would increase by number of users.

  • ShayG
    ShayG Member Posts: 42
    edited Apr 6, 2016 10:43AM

    I our organisation we have multiple systems that refer same dictionaries it's crucial that all systems have updated dictionaries all time.

    So there's a centralized schema for all dictionaries and there's people devoted to managing those dictionaries.

    So this is a given situation.

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