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CSV export in APEX 5.0 issues with opening in MS Excel 2013+

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edited May 5, 2016 5:22PM in APEX Discussions

hi there,

It seems that Microsoft have been moving to a CSV hard requirement where for UTF-8 encoded files, MS Excel now require the BOM (Byte Order Marker) at the beginning of the file. This wasn't always the case but we have seen MS updates to Excel 2013 that when the file does not have the BOM, it is not read correctly - i.e. the non-latin characters do not show up correctly e.g. “sdsdfsdf” .

It seems that APEX 5 does not export CSVs with the BOM at the beginning of the file so we have to do a painful workaround of manually setting the encoding each time we open the files in Excel.

On the support site, I read document 1478857.1 which seems to indicate that the automatic CSV encoding fixes the issue but we have that set and it seems that the BOM, that Excel requires, is not included.

Are there any solutions to get APEX to include the BOM? Or get the encoding set such that recent versions of MS Excel can read the file without additional steps?

Thank you for any help given!




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