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SQLCL on windows. Error executing javascript

IOcampo Member Posts: 2
edited Apr 26, 2016 3:07PM in SQLcl

I'm using sqlcl trying to execute a javascript to upload files into blob field.

DB connexion it's ok bet when I ran the script I receive the following error:

SQL> script load_file_to_db.js

javax.script.ScriptException: ReferenceError: "load" is not defined. (<Unknown source>#1) in <Unknown source> at line number 1

My script:


/* File name */

var files= helpers.exec('find . -maxdepth 1 -type f ').stdout.split('\n');

/* bind for reuse */

var binds = helpers.getBindMap();

for(f in files ) {

    /* load the blob */

  blob = helpers.getBlobFromFile(files[f]);

  /* assign the binds */



/* Just do it */

  var ret = util.execute("insert into k(path,blob_content,when) values(:path , :b, sysdate)",binds);