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Why can't I write to the Raspbian Jessie filesystem?

bjuntti Member Posts: 14
edited Jul 4, 2016 3:14PM in Java ME Embedded

So, I'm trying to write a file on a Raspbian Jessie filesystem that my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is

using and I'm not having any luck.  Here's a code snippet:

FilePersistentStore fileStore = new FilePersistentStore("/rootfs/var/tmp/baro-data.txt", true, INFO);

public FilePersistentStore(String fileName, boolean verbose, int messageLevel)

      throws IOException {

    this.verbose = verbose;

    this.messageLevel = messageLevel;



      /* Open the file for writing */

      String connectorName = "file://" + fileName;

      printMessage("constructor opening file: [" + connectorName + "]", INFO);

      connection = (FileConnection),



      System.out.println("[FilePersistentStore] Line 51");

      /* If the file does not exist yet, create it */

      if (!connection.exists()) {

        printMessage("File does not exist, creating", INFO);



      System.out.println("[FilePersistentStore] Line 57");

      fileWriter = new PrintStream(connection.openOutputStream(), true);

      printMessage("Got IO streams", INFO);


Note that I'm writing (or TRYING to write) to the file name "/rootfs/var/tmp/baro-data.txt" (one of

the stipulations made during the JavaME MOOC class was that YOU MUST DIRECT THE WRITE TO ROOTFS.)

This code HANGS on the Pi 2 but when I ran it on my older RPi Model B, it ran fine.  Turns out there

IS a filesystem called 'rootfs' on the older OS for the older Pi but no 'rootfs' in Jessie. 

Anybody have any ideas?




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