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How to populate an LOV using bind variable and use it in a view criteria?

AshKuSaj Member Posts: 1
edited May 8, 2016 4:51AM in JDeveloper and ADF


I'm using JDeveloper 12.2.1 and a newbie to Jdeveloper. I've been learning its basic functionalities for almost 4 months now.
I'm stuck at a scenario where I need to add search options on a table that is displayed in a page.

The scenario is as follows:

Considering there are two pages- page1 and page2.

The user enters a patient number in page1 and this patient number is used to populate a patientlist view object. This view is displayed as a table in page2.
It is required to provide the user an option to filter the table records as LOVs(cliniclist and doctorlist) using 2 specific columns.

These LOVs need to have distinct values of that particular column (eg: clinic_id and doctor_id of the view)

To achieve this, I have created separate views for each column as a source for the LOVs. These views are also populated using the patient number sent from the previous page as bind variable.

So I created a view criteria in the patientlist view object and declared clinic_id and doctor_id as LOVs. The issue now is after i drag and drop the namedviewcriteria onto the 2nd page, the LOVs are not populated and says 'No data to display'.
But if hard code the patient number in the LOV view objects, the LOVs have records in the second page and can successfully filter the table.

Could anyone please advice what is the correct method of implementing this scenario?

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