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Java Object Oriented Exercises

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edited Jun 22, 2016 2:39PM in New To Java

Hi guys, I wonder if you can help.

As I've started as a programmer, I've been told I have to practice OO a bit more. I've done the theory, but I think I will have to take another look at it. , Above all though, I have to do exercises.

What I'm looking for is for suggestions: things I have to practice are:




-And in general anything to do with OO.

Ideally I don't really need to do any complicated exercise, even simple scenarios would do as long as I can put into practice the theory, printing some user input strings might be enough as long as I can implement 00 principles, so things like, an emplyoee hierarchy or something along these lines.

Also I know Im a bit weak when it comes to linking different classes together, and things like composition.

So, can anybody suggest simple situation/s I could use to practice?

I have installed the Spring Tool Suite but if I'm not mistaken I can use it to create ordinary java projects.

Any idea?



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