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Apex 5 slider

misurex Member Posts: 45
edited Jun 2, 2016 4:30PM in APEX Discussions


I'm trying to put pieces altogether from various responses for how to create a slider in Apex, but for the version 5 I didn't find a viable solution.

I created a test page, using two solutions: Jari's Jari's APEX Blog : Article jQuery slider on APEX 3.x and Paavo's APEX5 supported slider, best approach?

But still, the slider isn't working (I want to use years as points on the slider, 3-4 years, so not a continuous range) . As a second question, is it possible to use text (from a table column, a limited number of values) to feed the slider (so not only numbers) ...

Workspace    : mihai_space

User/Passwd : demo

Application    : test / Page 10

Thank you.


Best Answer

  • PMON
    PMON Member Posts: 1,260 Gold Trophy
    edited Jun 2, 2016 12:06AM Answer ✓

    I logged into your workspace and fixed the javascript errors and added the missing elements in the plugin.  You can see the changes in Copy of Slider (IT-STAR).   Please mark any helpful or correct answers once verified.




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